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In BLIP, we believe less is more.

Our models can be provocative and strong or mild and simple; depending on what you bring out, every piece of clothing is a blank canvas on which, you, our client can paint your own masterpiece.

That’s why we pursue quality and our utmost goal is perfection for every new creation, to be able to meet your expectations. The process is long and delicate; each model is the result of years, of improving cuts and drawings, as well as working on what the client wants. BLIP is a brand that addresses comfort, perfection and harmony, at the same time. Natural materials are always preferred and only the finest cottons and silks are used for each model to persist durability and long wear.

In our online shop you will find a great range of skirts, tops, tailored jackets, trousers, jeans, coats and dresses as well as fine lingerie, swimwear and exclusive accessories. We use only natural fabrics, silk, cotton, wool combined with our promise for impeccable quality and attention to every detail, it is truly hard to resist BLIP.